Steam Bath for 250 pesos free!

I was in the shuttle on my way home. As we passed thru Moonwalk in Paranaque I saw a residential unit with a streamer. The words written in the streamer is “Steam Bath for 250 Pesos Only”. I guess this is their promo this Summer. Who needs a steam bath for 250 bucks anyway? There are lots of ways of getting a steam bath for free.

Go out and walk at around between 9am and 3pm. I guarantee you, that you will get the best steam bath ever. Free of VAT, service charge and the usual fee. The only catch is that you cannot get to do it naked. You’ll just have to keep up with the excretion from your sweat glands.

Lock up yourself in the computer room with the aircon turned off. Make sure that all the computers are turned on. Position yourself in front of the CPU fan so as to feel the heat coming out from it. Of course you do not have to do it at home where you’ll have to suffer from paying the electric bills. You could do it at somebody else’s computer room.

Stand by at the building’s basement parking. All you have to do is to sit down there for hours. You’ll get the steam bath that you need. All for free. No hidden charges! And this is in exception for people who bring their car for they have to pay the parking fee.

And if you really want to have a steam bath for a fee without actually going to a place to have your steam bath, all you have to do is to wreak havoc to your car’s air-conditioner. Then try driving under the heat of the sun and in the midst of heavy traffic. Surely, this will be more expensive than the 250 bucks charged by the ones offered near your place.

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