Oktoberfest 2008 Kick-off party experience

San Miguel Beer Pale Pilsen Limited Edition
Experience the Oktoberfest brew at San Miguel’s Oktoberfest 🙂

Sha and me went to the Oktoberfest kick-off party last Friday. There were lots of people there. The good thing is that we were able to buy some tickets even if we arrived there at around 8pm. We got the gold ticket at the venue itself since they’re not selling it elsewhere aside from the San Miguel office. Each gold ticket costs 1,500 pesos and it’s all worth it because:

1. Special viewing area at the main stage with Third Eye Blind performing
2. Free dinner (at the air-conditioned tent)
3. 3 free San Miguel Beer Pale Pilsen Limited Edition
4. 1 free San Miguel Beer Pale Pilsen (which we were not able to avail because we feel that we’ve had enough of alcohol for the rest of the night)

We entered at the entrance near Lourdes Drive after getting the tickets. Thus, we walked a very long walk so that we could check out the special viewing section before having dinner. But it was chaotic there already and Taken by Cars are on-stage. Anyway, we headed to the air-conditioned tent provided for gold ticket holders and had dinner there instead to energize first before plunging into a pool of chaos again.

Inside the air-conditioned tent, one could play darts and like in the other stages, some contests were also being held there with the Oktoberfest girls that needs serious training with Maribeth Bitchara. There were free food inside but not all the food there are free. We ordered an additional plate of Nachos as our “pulutan”. 😀 After experiencing the less chaotic area, we went out to go to the special viewing area.

After some time, we were able to get inside the special viewing area and I find it weird that there were plastic stools there. The tendency with chairs/stools provided in a concert is that people will stand on the chair which what happened even before the set of Third Eye Blind started. Sha and Poyt were shouting at the top of their voices to make the people go down since most people in the back won’t see the band playing. And I’m glad they did go down. 😀

So, Third Eye Blind played for almost an hour and they played some songs from their album that will be released this coming Fall o 2008. I’m not yet sure though if it’s a worldwide release or it’s for USA first but it has really been a long time since they’ve released one. When the band finished playing, the crowd were asking for more but it’s already late and I have a talk the next day so we have to go home without finishing the encore.

We headed to McDonald’s first before going home and rested while quenching our thirst. 😀

Anyway, I was not able to take photos and videos from my P&S camera because the batteries died. Ouch. I tried capturing some videos using my phone but the sound quality sucks that I would not want to upload it in YouTube.

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