MMFF Online Experience

Since the pandemic started, a lot of things have changed. Shopping and grocery is done mostly online. There are no huge gatherings allowed in order to contain the spread of the virus. Instead, people would usually do gatherings over Zoom, Google Meet, Messenger, or Microsoft Teams. Even if cinemas in the malls are not yet operational, MMFF (Metro Manila Film Festival) 2020 is not cancelled.

MMFF is now online and the movies are streaming via Upstream. I just watched Fan Girl with my siblings and nephews. All you need is a TV equipped with Google Chromecast to have an enjoyable viewing experience.

Just like in the cinemas, there is a short film shown before the full-length film. The difference here is that you can pause if you need to get a bathroom break. It’s also cheaper because you can get to stream an MMFF movie for Php 250 and you can watch it your family.

One thing that cannot be avoided though, similar experience in the cinemas, is the unnecessary noise while watching a movie. Nevertheless, this is the safest way to access entertainment.

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