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We felt like we were on the road for the longest time on our way to Siniloan. Our route is via the Ortigas Extension then we have to cross two mountains. Traffic was expected at Ortigas Extension, good thing is that we brought some food with us. Mom packed us some buko salad and pork which is supposed to be grilled because it is intended to be a barbeque but grilling it would take some time to prepare. We also have some spaghetti and some roast chicken with us. Because we do not want to have an empty stomach at dinner time, we gobbled up on the chicken, spaghetti and the buko salad. As for the pork, about 1/4 was left of it by the time we arrived at our house in Siniloan. By then, we were so full that all we can eat is the carbonara served on the table. That was already past 9pm.

After an hour or so, we had our annual picture taking beside the Christmas tree.

Familia Redor

Of course that’s not the only picture that we have. Other pictures may be viewed in my Flickr photostream. Just click on the picture above.

After spending the Christmas Eve (or the Noche Buena as we call it), we spent the Christmas Day at our relatives at Bulacan. Again, we encountered heavy traffic at the Ortigas Extension. However, we got lost in looking for the landmarks that were instructed to us that we passed by a barangay that we have never seen in our entire lives and that was the time we knew that we were lost. Nevertheless, we arrived there safe and enjoyed the company of our relatives that we haven’t seen for the longest time.

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