Yesterday was Self-Mutilation day

Yesterday was Good Friday and it was an oh-so perfect day for self-mutilation by performing the acts of hurting yourself on the back with an improvised whip with the “bolitas” coming from the bearings or dragging a cross and have someone nail you on it. However, there is a time of expiration for this one and you should be done doing all of these by 3pm. Such acts are sightings that one should not miss when visiting provinces like Laguna and Pampanga. However, in some parts of the country, they would rather perform the acts of self-mutilation in the form of swimming and or sun bathing. They would perform the aforementioned ultimate sacrifice of getting sun burns and then look like they’ve had embedded a map on their skin or had an unsuccessful henna tattoo. Those people performing those acts could be found on resorts all over the archipelago. However, my nephews had an advanced self-mutilation day when they had swimming at tagaytay and as a result, they have maps of small islands on their face and they become highly irritable when you touch their head.

My form of self-mutilation yesterday was for me not to be found in front of a computer monitor. And since the expiration time for self-mutilation was 3pm, I got myself back in front of the computer screen by the time we arrived in Manila. And so, my task of uploading the pictures into the computer were fulfilled last night and started blogging immediately since it has been quiet here for the past few days. So, what were you up to yesterday? Had a cholesterol overload? Hehe!

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