Yalong Bay Zhiyuan Resort Hotel

Nike Slippers in Zhiyuan Hotel

I’m staying in Yalong Bay Zhiyuan Resort Hotel. The Standard Twin Room with a garden view costs 288 RMB per night. The room is fairly decent with two beds, a TV, electric thermos, mini refrigerator, and of course, two pairs of Nike slippers. Apparently, there was no available room that is suited for one person only.

The people in the front desk have a hard time understanding English. Certainly, it became difficult for me to communicate to them a simple thing, and that is to add breakfast for my seven days stay in the hotel. Breakfast is served and available from 7am to 10am and each meal costs 10 RMB. There is also a convenience store of some sort selling crackers, noodles, water and the like. And I guess the convenience store is there for a purpose because of the lack of complimentary mineral water and noodles.

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