Yahoo! Games

While my brother is into the Yahoo! Fantasy Sports (NBA in particular), I am into Yahoo! Games. I have learned about Yahoo! Games from my professors in school. I first learned of the game Feeding Frenzy. Feeding Frenzy is an adventure game wherein your character is a fish. In playing the game Feeding Frenzy, you will learn some facts about marine life in general. I was hooked into it that I would play this game upon arriving and departing from school. In addition to that, I will only stop playing it until the game is over. Thus, that took me around an hour of playing the game before going back to work. Our professor suggested me to download the said game. However, if I will download and install it, I may not be able to do other things that are more important than playing a computer game. Thus, I decided that I will only download the game and install it after all the requirements are done.

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