Y Tu Mama Tambien

Yesterday, I was able to watch Y Tu Mama Tambien. In English, the title of the film means “And Your Mother Too”. Most would perceive this film as a heat-up-my-hormones type. But, this is not your typical adult film. In fact, the steamy scenes are not long enough which would make you watch the deleted scenes (hoping that you will be able to find longer steamy scenes) found at the Special Features of the DVD.

The movie is directed by Alfonso Cuaron who also directed the critically-acclaimed film, Great Expectations. This film stars Diego Luna (Tenoch), Gael Garcia Bernal (Julio) who was also seen at Amores Perros and Maribel Verdu (Luisa).

This film is actually like The Wild Summer Adventures of Tenoch and Julio or Getting High and Getting Laid Summer Extravaganza of Tenoch and Julio. Basically, Y Tu Mama Tambien is a coming-of-age film such as teenagers growing to become adults. In addition to that, it’s a road film experienced by Tenoch and Julio along with Luisa who apparently joined them after learning that her husband was having a love affair.

Tenoch and Julio made up images of a beach (Boca del Cielo, in English, Heaven’s Mouth) that did not exist in order to impress Luisa. However, Luisa bought the idea easily that Tenoch and Julio immediately looked for a car that they can use to go to their destination that existed only in their minds. The journey itself is a metaphor that suggests that the three (Tenoch, Julio and Luisa) have no direction. For Tenoch and Julio, they are quite uncertain of their future and let me add the fact that they perceive themselves as sex gods. As for Luisa, she feels that going wild for some time (deviating from her usual routine) is just what she needed.

Unlike other films, Cuaron has used the narrations effectively. The narrations will tell you the thoughts of the characters and their secrets as well. In addition to that, the narrations also tell the future that not even a single character knows.

This is certainly not your typical coming-of-age film like American Pie. In this film, you’ll also get to see the harsh realities of poverty in Mexico in which the boys have ignored it in this film.

Casting: 4 out of 5
Acting: 5 out of 5
Story: 5 out of 5
Direction: 5 out of 5
Length of steamy scenes: 2 out of 5 (well, for some this would matter, but not for me)

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