Word Games

Currently, I’m hooked into CodyCross. It’s a set of crossword puzzles where all words being solved have the same number of characters. Then, there’s a bonus word that you also need to solve. The bonus word is written vertically.

For my birthday, Cez has put together a puzzle. I’m amazed at how it was done and how the puzzle is very much associated to me.

  1. One of Karla’s hobbies
  2. Karla’s favorite dessert sauce
  3. Karla’s Mommy
  4. The _______ is one of the artists that Karla listens to while driving; Mr. Brightside
  5. One of Karla’s favorite songs from an OPM Indie Band
  6. Karla’s personal blog is ______ world.com.
  7. Karla’s Daddy
  8. These were Karla’s favorite things when she was younger
  9. Karla’s Middle Name
  10. The phone that Karla used to take photos that were posted in Apple billboards in different countries
  11. One of the Indie Bands that Karla followed, Ang Bandang ______.

Cez asked our teammates to correctly answer it before 5pm. Jo and Allyson got it all correct. 😀

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