Wolfgang Tales: Two Sides Live Experience

Basti Artadi of Wolfgang - 2

Wolfgang had a concert at Music Museum just last night and it rocked! It was my first time to watch there and yes, it is my first time to watch Wolfgang although I’ve been listening to their music for so many years. Music Museum as a venue would have been totally preppy for a rock concert since there are fixed chairs (like the ones in the cinema). The space was small to jump around and slam.

Kevin and Tirso of Razorback

Razorback opened the show. I haven’t seen them play live for a long time. And oh, this is the first time that I saw Louie Talan played with the band in short hair. 😀

Louie Talan - Razorback

Kevin Roy of Razorback - 3

Then, Kevin Roy started taking off his shirt and then, we discovered that he’s wearing a Wolfgang shirt inside. 😀 This has definitely hyped the audience more for Wolfgang.

Manuel Legarda with Tirso Ripoll

Wolfgang started off with a plugged set and then switched to an acoustic set where Tirso Ripoll (of Razorback) joined Wolfgang.

Francis Aquino of Wolfgang

It was also my first time to see Francis Aquino with Wolfgang (Francis Aquino is their drummer now). He did a great job playing the drums even if his drum sticks fell a couple of times. Of course we do understand that everybody’s not perfect. 😉 Drummers get tired too you know.

Basti Artadi of Wolfgang - 6

When the set was finished, of course we asked for more! 😀 And so, there were two more songs for the encore. They played “Halik ni Hudas” and “Darkness Fell”. Both songs are from their self-titled debut album that was released in 1995. Classic! Those were the songs that I could say that literally turned Music Museum into one big videoke party.

And so, after the concert, we waited for people to go out and tried our luck on having our fan boy/fan girl issues resolved. And when Manuel Legarda came out, me, Sha and Benj rushed to the stage to have pics taken with him. 😀 When we went down the stairs, we stayed a bit and we’re able to catch up with Louie Talan (this time, Sha and me only) and had photo ops with him. 😀

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