Win an iPad from Lewis & Pearl’s “The Real You Rocks”

Win an iPad from Lewis & Pearl

Get a chance to win an Apple iPad from Lewis & Pearl’s “The Real You Rocks”. All you have to do is to share your quirks at You can also show support to your friends by voting for them.

Each quirk is limited to 120 characters.

The Real You Rocks by Lewis and Pearl

Here’s some sample quirks from the site:

“I don’t think I’ll ever outgrow cartoons!”

“My way of expressing my anger is through eating a lot of junkfoods”

“I make sure that I leave the house with hand sanitizer or else I’ll go nuts.”

“I love reciting the alphabet backwards!. :D”

You don’t only get more chances of winning by posting quirks and getting votes for it. Each vote you make in the website entitles you to one electronic raffle ticket. However, you can only vote 10x a day. 😀

Only Filipinas (living in the Philippines) who are 13-25 years old may join this contest.

Please do check out the website for more details.

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