Wildlife Special Edition Launch by Pupil

Ely and Yan at Pupil's Wildlife Special Edition Album Launch 4

Pupil’s Album Launch of Wildlife Special Edition has been a success. The bad weather that night did not become a hindrance to us. A lot of people arrived there early filling up the seats in the middle.

Nevertheless, we have not encountered a long queue in buying the CD. According to the SM saleslady, they have 200 copies there and at 7pm, around 140 or more CDs were already sold. 😀

The Dorques
Joff of The Dorques (photo taken in Saquijo)

Upon entering inside Sky Dome, we saw Coke Zero’s booth and they’re offering free samples of it. Then, we saw the photo stands that will be raffled off for the night. I did have a hard time taking a photo of it since a lot are having their respective photo ops with the stands.

The Dorques, performed the first and it’s great to see Aimee performing with the band. They’ve changed the title of F*ck on the Floor to Dance on the Floor. Obviously, they changed the lyrics containing f*ck to dance. I’d really understand that there’s a need to do that because there are minors present. 😀 They played more than 5 songs that night including all of our favorites: “Waltzing Away”, “Murasaki Blue”, “Le Metronome”, “Sun”, and “Supercool”.

Then, after the set of The Dorques, while Team Pupil was setting up, pop-quizzes were being asked. Of course, the usual mechanics was the first one who gets to the stage who answers the questions correctly will be able to get merchandise from Rayban, Levi’s and Puma.

Dok Sergio at Pupil's Wildlife Special Edition Album Launch 2
Dok Sergio

At the start of Pupil’s set, the band asked the audience to come nearer to the stage. They started the set with “Disconnection Notice” that will surely get the fans more excited. This song is my favorite in their album “Wildlife”. The first time I heard the song, I had a feeling that this will be released as one of their singles.

Ely and Yan at Pupil's Wildlife Special Edition Album Launch 2

“Disconnection Notice” was followed by “Here I go Again”. A transition from fast to slow but with the heavy riffs just like the previous song. The next song was “Matador”. Then Dok Sergio took over the vocals with “Sumasabay”.

Ely and Yan at Pupil's Wildlife Special Edition Album Launch 9

After Dok Sergio, it’s time for Yan Yuzon to sing with “Talon”. After their supposed last song, confetti was all over the place.

Wendel at Pupil's Wildlife Special Edition Album Launch 1
Wendell singing “Man in the Mirror”

Wendell at Pupil's Wildlife Special Edition Album Launch 2
Wendell giving away his drum stick

Let’s jump to the encore (the part where we asked for more). Wendell sang “Man in the Mirror” while Ely Buendia is playing the acoustic guitar. After the encore, the photo stands were raffled off. We got in line to have our respective CDs signed. It feels great that Ely remembered me because of the photo book that I asked him to sign during the One for the Roadie gig by RockEd Philippines.

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