WikiPilipinas Bloggers Dinner

Gus of WikiPilipinas

I attended the WikiPilipinas Bloggers Dinner last night at Marina Seafood. WikiPilipinas was introduced formally, to us bloggers, by Gus last night. He’s also the founder of If you’re not contented going to the website, you may visit them at the Book Fair that is being held at World Trade Center. 🙂

One thing I’ve noticed about WikiPilipinas is that it has only 8 indexed pages in Google. I guess they should start implementing SEO friendly URLs like that of Wikipedia and do some serious SEO stuff if they want to be in the top results for certain keywords.

Another thing that has caught my attention in Gus’ presentation is the Skool Tools of

Skool Tools is a revolutionary web program that allows you to make instant research papers and school reports! Create research projects, drag and drop book snippets from FilNet’s extensive digital library into your electronic paper, then write and insert your own additional notes. Voila, you have an instant paper! FilNet’s Skool Tools does all the tedious work, creating instant citations and bibliographies! Save time, and avoid stress and hassle! Do your research faster and better!

After the dinner and the presentation, me and other fellow bloggers (Rico, Sasha, Shari, Eric, Juned, AJ, Karlo, and Eugene) headed to Harbor Square to grab some caffeine fix. 😀

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