Why does it have to end?

A friend once asked me, why does it have to end when there’s still love. Well, when one ends it, I say, it’s not but chance, but by choice. And the infamous question would then pop out, “Is Love by Chance or by Choice?” Well, this would sound familiar to you if you have received a forwarded e-mail regarding the said topic. Again, it depends on the other party if he or she would want the love to grow or just stop. And yes, it takes two to tango. If one is willing where the other is not, then nothing will really happen. Oh well, that’s life and yes, sometimes we are just blinded by the idea of forever because in reality nothing lasts forever. At some point, something will just stop unexpectedly.
When love ends, it is not the end of the world indeed. Time flies and you have to move on with it. You cannot be in the Pause Mode for a moment just because it hit and smashed you right there and there. Life’s like this, it is always in the Play Mode, running continuously, no pauses, no rewinds, or even forwards… only play and stop.

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