Where to find Imago’s 2nd album

I was checking my e-mail and found out some interesting announcements from the Imago mailing list. The album is available at the following establishments:

Sarabia UP Diliman
Guerilla Wear Metro East
I LOVE YOU store 2nd floor Saguijo bar, Guijo st. Makati
3/F bar and lounge in Katipunan on top of BITE CLUB

The CD costs 250 bucks each. The album Take 2 is also available at their gigs. Imago shirts are also available at their gigs for 200 bucks.

As for the upcoming NU107 Rock Awards, Imago will not be playing there.

To those who are looking for Imago’s first album entitled, Probably Not But Most Definitely, just check out the record bars if they still have copies. But I doubt it that they still have copies because a lot of people that I know was not successful in finding the first album.

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