When Traffic is as bad as Hell

This day is the most stressful day ever. I left the office at half an hour past 6 in the evening. Took a tricycle and I didn’t know that what was in front of me was the longest line of vehicles that I’ve seen today. I took a walk and then rode a jeep thinking that the other vehicles in front would move forward. Unfortunately, I was stuck inside the jeep which is also stuck in the heart of the service road where two lanes only exist which is sometimes transformed into three lanes as long as the other vehicle is not a 10-wheeler truck. I remained inside the jeep because I was already tired and I was really hoping that all the other vehicles in front of us would take a U-turn and would try their luck going North instead. And because bad luck was prevalent that day, the vehicles could not make the U-turn for some reason that they live in one of those villages after Astra (e.g. Sun Valley, Countryside, Marimar village) and it would be useless for them to go farther and indulge themselves in the moment of their lives where gasoline expenses would be considered as luxurious.

I was still clinging on to my hopes that a particular scene that happened in the film Bruce Almighty would happen (e.g. all other vehicles would tilt to 45 degrees and the jeep that I’m riding would speed ahead until it reaches Bicutan). Of course that’s very impossible to happen. I sat there until I was the only passenger left inside the jeep. Thus, I went down the jeep and prepared myself for a cardiovascular exercise that I haven’t done for the longest time while inhaling all the hydrocarbons and the dust that surrounded the area. I walked along the service road. I walked past all the cars and still, it was not moving even by just an inch. By the time I got at Sun Valley, the vehicles moved a little. But then, the traffic remained because the truck had an engine trouble. Oh well, at least I did not stay inside the jeep. Also, at least I had a physical activity for that day aside from typing on the keyboard of my laptop and moving the mouse.

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