When OT does not mean off-topic

OT, as defined by scholars of the messageboards, means off-topic. However, in a corporate slave’s point of view, OT is also defined as overtime. As much as possible, I do not want to render overtime work. It is because that the traffic in the service road really sucks big time. You could get stuck there for an eternity. Obviously, that was an exagerration. However, given that the distance is only short, the travel time seems to make the distance equivalent to a hundred-fold. Also, who would want to spend overtime right? You can just imagine yourself watching your good old favorite TV series while staring blankly at the computer monitor. And perhaps, the worst overtime is being alone in your cube while everyone have left the office already.

There are exceptions that you really have to render OT. For instance, you have to meet a certain deadline, and in order for you to meet such deadline, you have take another chunk of time right after the regular working hours in order to get the job done. Also, you really have to make sure that you also make the most out of it.

Also, there are some things that must be finished right away since it might affect the goals that you’ve set for the next day. In short, you do not have to wait for tomorrow to do whatever you can finish today.

It’s simple as that.

Still, I don’t like rendering overtime work. The travel is far more tiring that the work itself even if I’m that near (yet so far because of the friggin traffic).

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