What to Expect in the Eraserheads Box Set

I’ve been waiting for a long time for this box set to be released. One day, Doc Day Cabuhat posted in the Eraserheads mailing list:

hopefully june 11 nga, the cds and booklet are currently printing and t-shirts
are in the pipeline as well =)

It’s certain that all the studio albums are included. The studio albums are:
Sticker Happy
Carbon Stereoxide

How about their compilation albums, and EPs? Will the Eraserheads Live: The Final set shall be released as well?

Anyway, aside from the CDs, it will also come with a booklet. Hmmm, will this contain photos submitted by the fans to NU107’s contest before? And yes, there will be a free t-shirt that will come with the box set according to Doc Day. Is it still the same shirt designed by Cynthia Bauzon-Arre that was seen being sold in the Eraserheads concert held last March 7, 2009?

A lot of the listers were excited about this. Now, the other question is “How much are you willing to pay for the box set?”. 😀

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