What I got for Christmas 2005 vol. 1

I already got my first batch of presents for this year. Aside from the Vivitar tripod that I got from Dad and some clothes from my Mom, I got one from my sister which is a black body bag that I can use for office. I also got an Orange and Lemons Strike Whilst The Iron is Hot album. It’s the repacked version and it contains an AVCD with music videos and audio tracks. Then, I got a cute and cuddly stuffed toy and a totally cool framed artwork where the glass is painted and an aluminum foil was used to make the painting stand out. I also got a small notebook in which I can use it as a journal or for writing random thoughts whenever I’m away from the computer. Then, I got some biscuits from M&S. I haven’t opened it yet since I left it in the office so that I could eat it for breakfast while having coffee. Thanks to all of you! I really appreciate it! =)

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