Weird Costume Ideas

My officemate had a bunch of weird ideas for our Christmas party. I’ll just translate in English. Hehe!

“Why don’t we come as a ball?” (and there she goes jumping like a bouncing ball)

“How about an ice cream?” (Does the melting action)

“Or Spongebob? Thus, if you’ll be seeing me tomorrow with my face still bleeding because of the punctures on it then I’ll be Spongebob on Friday”

After going out from the elevator, she immediately said,

“I could just be an elevator on friday” (does the up and down action)

I almost rolled on the floor laughing. Hehehe!

Finally, she said she will be Eden of Ang Panday. She was saying “I’ll just wear a red lipstick”

Then I asked her, “Huh? Just a red lipstick?” And so, I was joking and took it literally even if I know that the red lipstick goes with the clothes. Hehehe! Well, that’s how the mind of engineers work. Hehe!

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