Weather Forecast?

Rainy days = Sad days? Well, it’s not equal all the time. Maybe, it just so happened that you’re sad on those days and happy on sunny days. Remember when we were a bunch of little kiddos, we would sing Rain Rain Go Away because we cannot play our favorite patintero, cops and robbers and other outdoor games because our parents said that we will get sick. Oftentimes, we are tempted to play under the rain, some people I know would just laugh under the rain while each drop of water touches their skin.
When I was a little kid, we would make paper boats and let it float at the canal everytime the rain would stop. We would watch it being drawn away by the current from its original position.
When I got older, I hated the rain simply because it makes commuting harder. I remember on my first year college days, me and a couple of my friends are stranded at EDSA Taft because there are no more jeeps going to Bicutan just because of traffic. And of course, the traffic was an outcome of the rain. When there is a heavy rain, there is a flood (if and only if the drainage system is out of order), and the roads are slippery too which will require the vehicles to slow down to avoid accident. It’s sad to be stranded, and it’s sad to be stuck in traffic. So, what’s your weather forecast for tomorrow?

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