Watching TV is Depressing

Watching TV, most especially news can be somewhat depressing although it’s really informative. It’s like you’re watching a psychologically disturbing film separated into five parts, where each part is shown on a particular day of the week.Just imagine, the massacre of a family from Cavite, six were shot dead on New Year’s eve, and the ever increasing death toll of the killer tidal wave.

And to add more depression on the viewers, TV Patrol made a recap of the brutal events that happened on 2004. In addition to that, a news of a bomb that exploded in Cubao, going up at billboards and falling down from it.

Watching news itself is depressing indeed for too much violence. However, it’s a reality that we must all face.

Maybe that was one of the reasons that I don’t watch TV that often anymore. Or maybe because news is accessible on the internet that I don’t have to turn on the TV and sit on the sofa while eating popcorn while watching all the violence caught by the resourceful camera men.

Yet being able to watch all the action on the video is way different than reading news from the internet. And even if there were pictures, nothing beats the graphical display of violence or calamity in action.

Where have all the good news gone?

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