Watch Out for Cityscapes


We just had a photoshoot last Thursday at some park and our only light source is a streetlight. I tried it first with my kit lens but I was not satisfied with the results. I replaced the kit lens with a 50mm lens, adjusted the ISO to 1600 after being advised by Rain not to be afraid of ISO 1600 with a 50mm lens mounted on the camera. Then, I adjusted the aperture to 1.8 and switched the mode to aperture priority. In some of the photos, I switched to manual mode and used a shutter speed of 1/8. This photoshoot was indeed a challenge for me because of the lighting condition.

Some of the shots are made are uploaded on Rinka’s Multiply and one (or some) of these photos will be included in the CD inlay for Rinka’s album Cityscapes. If you are not doing on the 11th of January, she’ll be having a gig with her band at Saguijo in Makati.

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