Vintage Stuff

The Ring

What I like about going inside museums are the vintage stuff that I will find inside aside from the trivias that I’ve never learned from History class way back in High School. I was able to go inside Crisologo Museum, Burgos Museum, museum beside Marcos Mausoleum and the Malacanang of the North. The Crisologo Museum is a haven of vintage stuff such as calesas, a car, telephone, a music player, gas range and a lot more. In history class, I didn’t know that Padre Burgos was from Ilocos until I had a chance to visit his home there. The telephone I found inside is even more vintage than that of what I saw inside the Crisologo Museum. The creepiest spot amongst the museums that I’ve mentioned is the kitchen inside Crisologo museum. The kitchen inside has a gas range and since there was no light on, it has a certain effect on me that makes me think of a horror movie. The aircon inside Malacanang of the North is a jaw-dropping experience for me since I haven’t even gotten to see one image of it. šŸ˜€

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