Vintage glasses, Old School Lunchbox, etc.

Vintage glasses, old school lunchboxes, ukay-ukay, hair dyes and mohawk were just a part of the long list of topics that me and a friend that was introduced to me earlier. He has this different kind of fashion sense that is so cool because it’s non-conformist. He even showed his bag which he designed. The bag looks ragged yet it’s so funky. It’s non-traditional and it rocks. I have always wanted to meet people that are non-conformists when it comes to fashion and that is from clothes, to bags and to hair. I even told him that there’s a bright future waiting ahead of him because of his creativity.

He has also this thing for porcelain dolls which brings out his gothic side. At first I really didn’t know about his gothic side, it came out when he started talking about porcelain dolls. About a year or two ago, I attended an album launch of a gothic band at Sanctum and I saw a lot of porcelain dolls there.

I envy him because I have always wanted to change my hairstyle into something unusual yet funky and have some streaks of hair dye on it. However, I guess that should be postponed for a later time.

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