Video Editing

I have just finished editing the video for our thesis. The first video shows the robot movements. The other video shows the demonstration of our thesis. However, problem comes when the video is shorter than that of expected. And thus, recycling of clips would come to the rescue. Thanks to Windows Moviemaker for the Speed Up, double video effect. For without such, I would not be able to lenghten the video.

We are required to have a video that is 15 minutes long. Computing for the total time of the video clips, for the opening and ending credits, that would be one minute; for the robot movement, that would be around two minutes; for the demonstration of our thesis, that would be five minutes; three minutes would be my estimate for the flash animation; and how about the other four minutes?

*Light Bulb On!*

The other remaining minutes would be devoted to setting up the lab and describing each component of the setup. Whew! I almost ran out of ideas. Right now, I am just waiting for the rendering to finish.

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