Up Dharma Down’s Bipolar Album Launch

Bipolar CD
Bipolar – Up Dharma Down’s latest album

Last Friday night, Up Dharma Down launched it’s latest album at Hexagon Lounge, 4th floor of RCBC Plaza. Unlike the other album launches that I’ve been to, this is the first that the album who’s launching the album is the only one who’s going to perform.

I’ve seen a lot of familiar faces there. Others I’ve seen are bloggers such as Ricky Manzano. Sha told me that she saw Coy. I saw Rain Contreras outside RCBC Plaza, just right after the event. I think that I also saw Jim Ayson of PhilMusic there but I was not really sure if it’s him.

I arrived at RCBC Plaza with Ycoy, Ate Lovely and Nicole at around 7pm. We checked out first the venue but me and Ate Lovely ended up buying the limited edition CD there. Then, we had dinner at Reyes Barbeque which is just a floor away from Hexagon Lounge.

After the dinner, we met Sha at the escalator going up to the 4th floor of RCBC Plaza since she came from their Company Halloween Party. When we arrived there, we already saw a long queue with some people buying either the CDs, tickets, and shirts. As we arrived inside, there’s a lot of people with very little room to pass through.

I also had a hard time taking photos during the event. All I have with me is my trusty 50mm lens attached with my good old Canon EOS 350D. πŸ˜€ Here are just some of the photos that I’ve taken there:

Up Dharma Down Album Launch
Armi Millare

Up Dharma Down Album Launch
Carlos Tanada

Up Dharma Down Album Launch
Paul Yap

Up Dharma Down Album Launch
Ean Mayor

After the event, Sha got my CD signed. πŸ™‚ Good thing is that I brought a pentel pen with me. Sha’s favorite shirt got some ink on it though. πŸ™

Bipolar CD
My Bipolar CD signed by all Up Dharma Down members.

Check out more of my photos of the Bipolar Album Launch.

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