Unmanaged Stress

I remember when I was having thesis way back in college, stress management was a whole lot easier even with the late-night thesis-related activities done at home. When you step out of the real world, it’s different. Because if there’s just one moment that you haven’t kept cool, chances are, you’re going home with a hot high temperature, shaking knees like buildings that are about to collapse. And that’s just what happened to me last Thursday, which is an acceptable explanation of why in the world there’s no blog entry on that day.

Now, I just want to avoid some misunderstandings here. What I mean by haven’t kept cool is continuous splurge of worries in my mind. And my worries increased my stress levels which my laughter was not able to counter. It was so strong like it made the impression that Superman was near a kryptonite wrapped in a newspaper and that he just have to go away from the kryptonite and drink Decolgen Forte (or whatever medicine that is) because he thinks he has the flu. Speaking of Justice League, I just remembered my nephews Justin and Lance. They’re confined in the hospital right now. They also have the flu but it’s not due to unmanaged stress. I believe it is because of the weather. I just wish they’ll get well soon. In-patient confinements would mean a big slash on my brother’s wallet.

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