Unexpectedly Sentimental

There are some songs that sounds heavy on the guitars and the drums but when you listen at the lyrics closely, then you’ll find it sentimental. Love songs are stereotyped to be as slow and mellow where the guitars should not use effects like Distortion, Overdrive, Flanger, Metal Zone and such. But then, there are love songs that are not the typical ones.
One example is Taning (from the album Take 2–to be released) by Imago. Taning is about two people that are about to break up in a relationship. Another example is Prom (from the Album Dramachine–released) by Sugar Free. It is about someone that is so much into his prom date. In addition to that is Gone by Urbandub. Gone is about someone who has just broken up from a relationship where he/she is expressing that it is hard for him/her to move on.
The heavy guitars, drums and bass lines may seem odd to others. However, the heavy sound just describes the emotion being portrayed by the song itself.

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