Trips for the Day

I was hanging out at Starbucks Taft by myself and then, two of my friends, Normz and Paulo, arrived. Normz was taking a look at my phone. When they left, my Mom texted me,
Luv u 2 so much

I suddenly realized that Normz just played a prank on me. He texted my Mom using my phone and he is clever enough to delete the evidence in the sent items. I remember that there was a time that the same prank was played on him. If I’m not mistaken, I think it is Paulo who played the trick on him.

I know that the message could melt any Mom’s heart but then, I am not vocal about it. I am not used to saying I Love You’s at my parents. Maybe because we are brought up that way. In fact, I do not hear them all the time saying, “I Love You Anak”. The last time I heard it from them in person was in my 18th birthday when they were giving their speech.

Of course I was touched when I got Mom’s reply. But then, it is really unusual in our family to express our love for one another vocally or even by SMS.

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