Toy Con 2007


I really was not able to take fantastic photos from the Toy Con 2007. And so, after they called the 100th cosplayer and I’ve realized that there are a lot of them waiting in the queue to be called, I just roamed around the Megatrade Hall and took some photos.

My favorite cosplayer there so far is this one. He’s a character from Transformers and yes, he transformed into a car onstage. I find it innovative of him to be able to achieve such thing. He portrayed Downshift (alternate is a Toyota Celica Supra) if I’m not mistaken. šŸ˜€

Another cosplayer that caught everyone’s attention is The Punisher. He had to do it in a really corny way though by imitating a commercial from a telecommunications network.

Tomorrow there will be a group cosplay which should be more fun and exciting than that of the individual cosplay. šŸ˜€

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