Top 5 LSS Rock Songs

Here are my top 5 LSS Rock/Alternative songs:

Taralets by Imago
Taralets by Imago is their current hit single from their 3rd album Blush. The song is upbeat just like their other song Anino which is from their 2nd album Take 2! The LSS part of this song is the repetitive “Taralets tara tara taralets”. Taralets is a Filipino slang for Let’s Go.

Narda by Kamikazee
Narda by Kamikazee, like what I’ve said in my recent entry is found on outdoor-type videokes. People of all ages and of different social status would sing this song.

Doobi Doo by Kamikazee
Doobi Doo is an original of Apo Hiking Society and Kamikazee made a version of this song as part of the tribute album to the pop trio. Like Taralets, it has a set of repetitive words “Doobi Doo”. Some have mistaken this song for Scooby Dooby Doo though. Hehehe!

Choose by Mojofly
Choose by Mojofly is from Cream Silk’s Girl Power Commercial. I almost hear this song everday at radio stations. And if I would not hear this song from a radio station, I would often hear my officemate sing it.

Smile at Me by Rocksteddy
Smile at Me by Rocksteddy is from the Close Up commercial. The LSS part of this song is:

You had my way,
You always take my breathe away,
You set me free,
When every time you smile at me.

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