Top 10 RP Students

When my father was reading the newspaper last Sunday, he called my attention. He said that my High School friend is in the newspaper. Even before he called me, my sister told me that Ruth Jade called the other night and they had a little chit-chat. After my father finished reading the newspaper, I took the October 31 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer and turned to page A6. I found the article entitled,

“Arroyo cites 10 top RP Students”

The said article is available online at this page.

I would like to quote a part of the article that suggests the criteria in the selection of the Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines

“The awards were the culmination of the rigorous annual search for the country’s 10 top students who had distinguished themselves not only academically but for their leadership qualities, high moral values and deep commitment to community service undertaken by the RFM Foundation headed by its chair Jose S. Concepcion Jr. and RFM Corp. president and CEO Jose Concepcion III.”

And with this criteria, my friend Ruth Jade indeed deserves to be cited. Way back in High School, she’s known to be a simple girl and even though she had a lot of achievements back then, she’s so humble and approachable as well.

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