To Continue or Not? – Globe Unlimited Text Service

Based on my observations with Globe Telecom’s current pricing scheme of their Unlimited SMS service, they must have grouped the texters to the following:

All-day texters
They are the type of texters who have a lot of time in their hands sending the famous quotable jokes like “Hindi lahat ng macho may bigote – Vina Morales” and other emo-filled messages.

Day-time-only texters
They use their mobile phones primarily for work or school purposes. Some messages are the headhunter type of messages while some messages would feel like an announcement from your telecoms network only that it is related to academic stuff.

Nightshift texters
Those are the type of people who work hard all day and party hard at night. Of course, usual messages are: (1) “Where are you?”, (2) “I’m here at [insert name of some bar, coffee shop or restaurant]”, and the rationale of having a mobile phone: “I’ll be late”.

The Ultimate SMS Whores
Certainly, the ultimate SMS whores do not only send the quotable jokes and the emo-filled messages. They actually have a goal. And that is to become the Guiness World Record holder for the number of SMS sent within 24 hours.

After doing the market segmentation and creating a significant change in the pricing scheme, will Globe Telecoms retain their pre-paid subscribers?

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