Tim of Imago back on track at the Imago ML

Tim again

Tim just posted a message in the mailing list. He’ll be back with the band for the April gig schedule. According to Tim also, Ebe, Kris and Jason are doing his guitar duties for the meantime.

Thanks to all the well-wishers and prayers thanks for the support.
Dami ninyo, and it’ll be impossible for me to thank you all
individually – kaya eto, isang bagsakan na lang. I’m at home now –
still recovering. Ingatan natin health natin – di biro ang magpagamot.
Best advice is, get some sort of Philhealth coverage / insurance – you
will not regret it, the best investments are the ones that you do for

Salamat din sa mga sessionists! Aba, si Ebe, Kris and Jason-ic pa ata
ang nag guitar duties for Imago! High-caliber. Hehehe. I’ll be back
with the band at the start of the April sched. 🙂

Tuloy-tuloy pa din sana pag vote natin for Sundo sa mga stations and
sa MYX, sana naman makatikim tayo ng #1. Also, it’s summer! Kitakits
sa mga out-of-town and beach gigs! Saya!

Don’t forget your sunblock!

Tim-ago! – SPF 500

Notes on the Photo
Photo was taken 2 years ago in Tower Records Glorietta. They were promoting their second album Take 2. 🙂

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