Three music videos launched by Drip

Drip X3 - 49

Last January 29, Drip launched three music videos (“Blood Letting”, “Blind”, and “Turning Grey”) from their album Identity Theft. It was held in The Gallery at Greenbelt 5. Even though it’s not a perfect venue for music events, I enjoyed it while listening to Drip’s performance.

Drip X3 - 20


The music video of “Bloodletting” is directed by Jason Tan. The concept of the music video was simple. Two women are swimming in the music video (Shawn Yao and Annicka Dolonius). There’s also a part where Beng (Drip’s vocalist) was also swimming in the video.

Drip X3 - 39

Turning Grey

The music video of “Turning Grey” is directed by Jelise Chung. The treatment made for the music video is film noir where violence is shown. The main actor for the said music video is Cholo Devilla.


The music video of “Blind” is directed by Johnny Alcazaren. The video features animation consisting of individually sketched index cards.

Drip also performed some of their Spanish songs. The said songs in Spanish will be included in an album that they collaborated with Instituto Cervantes. How I wish I could understand the songs though. šŸ˜€

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