Thoughts from a soon-to-be professional bum

By the end of August, I will not be walking the halls of my Alma Mater as a student, but as an official professional bum. By that time, our final thesis documentation will be with the department already. The last time that I would be walking around the campus would be on our course card day and the next time that I will go there is to secure myself an Alumni Card, to check my name on the list of those who will join the commencement excercises, to attend the Bacchalaureate Mass and get my toga, and then get the toga refund.

Time flies really fast. It’s like yesterday I was walking around the campus as a frosh (a term for freshmen popularized by La Sallians) and now, I am on my terminal year, graduating.

I have a lot of thoughts running on my mind. When we were in Grade School, we knew that the next step would be High School. When we were in our senior year in High School, we knew that the next step would be College. And now that I am graduating in College, there is no particular next step like that of High School. Only one thing is for sure, it is that I am the one who’s going to choose what would be the next step. It is like I am climbing up the stairs and then, there are several branches of stairs once you reached this level. Thus, we have to make our choices, whether to run the family business, work in a prestigious company, or continue being dependent on your parents and remain to be a professional bum.

But what would be the next step for me? Will I work for this company because I wanted to gain training and experience? Will I work for them because the salary is high and the benefits are good? Or will I work for them because the job description is easy as 1-2-3? A lot of questions are running, and yes, they are still counting.

But you know what, I do not want to be a couch potato for more than one week. That would definitely bore me to death without doing something worthwhile, something that would give me a sense of purpose. In fact, I would gladly go back at the four corners of at least one of the classrooms at the Velasco hall and be sitting right in front of the blackboard. The only difference would be, I would be there not as a Student, but the one in-charge of the chalk, the lesson plan and the grading sheet.

Indeed, I would want to become a professor, but not just an ordinary professor. I do not want to be a professor whose only role is to make the lesson plan and make sure that the course objectives are met and that the syllabus would be followed according to schedule. I would want to be a professor making an impact towards the students just like some of my professors who had made an impact on me.

In the time of Estrada’s Impeachment Trial, someone said that being a Lawyer is the noblest of all professions. Pardon to the lawyers (and law students) out there, for I believe that being a teacher is the noblest of all professions.

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