This is an Overkill

A special ride of a tricycle price hike of 8 Pesos (from 23 Pesos to 31 Pesos) is something that makes me want to train for marathon after petroleum companies initiated a rollback. 31 pesos of a tricycle ride is already too much for me and for some as well. My 31 pesos could get me to Makati and back (that is excluding all the tricycle rides) to Bicutan. My 31 pesos could buy me at the most three cheese waffles (available at 10 pesos each) at the Landmark Terminal. The END is NEAR!!! Fear the ever increasing transportation costs for everything will rise up while all of us drown. I cannot blame the tricycle drivers or the operators. They are also human beings. They also need to survive. The system just sucks big time and I hate it.

Welcome to the real world! You now officially lose your allowance privileges. Work your ass off and feel the difference. Then, hope that you’ll come up across a time machine to go back as a student.

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