Their Unusual Way of Studying

My nephews, Justin and Lance, will be taking their long exams scheduled this week. They studied this afternoon and of course, their Dad was their tutor while I was their spectator. My brother really knows how to motivate them. His style was to make them answer the questions and if they got it correctly, they’ll move one-step forward. This is quite similar to the contests shown at your regular noon-time show.

My brother also related to me when Justin was teaching Lance how to write numbers.

Justin: Yung number three parang dalawang letter C lang yun na baligtad.

Lance: nods.

Justin: Yung number four naman, parang letter L lang yun na nilagyan ng line.

Lance: Nods.

I think Justin is good in abstract reasoning. Hmmmm… child prodigy in the making?

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