The Worst Pick Up Line

The use of pick up lines dates from 19-copong copong. The use of such is a verbal form of flirting. Be it presented to you in text form such as through SMS, love notes or letters, IRC and others. It could also be presented to you by the person using his or her vocal chords. But then, pick up lines do not work well as they have worked before.
The worst pick-up lines that I ever heard from came from a chatroom. Sometimes, they use those pick up lines in order to catch your attention. Sometimes, they just use it for the fun of it.

Here is the recent pick up line that I got:
Can you be my star just for this night

And I just said no and the person continued bugging me and then for some time, stopped. I have no time for such people. Geesh. I’d rather stare blankly at my computer for 2 hours while waiting for the DVD to be ripped than to talk to people that cannot understand the word NO.

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