The Wonder Twins

Last Saturday, we had our lunch at McDonald’s where my nephews, Justin and Lance, were eating up all the french fries that their stomach can hold. They also had a Sundae Cone which would mean an additional chore for me and that is to get a table napkin from the counter (especially that fastfoods are known for their cost-cutting techniques with regards to table napkin distribution) and to wet the napkin with a little water from the faucet just outside the restroom.

While they were eating their ice cream, a man in his late twenties approached our table. He was asking if we’re interested in having our nephews join the casting. He said it’s for a milk commercial and they’re looking for twins (preferably young boys) that are around 4 years old. Instantly, I recalled the days when the twins Richard and Raymond Gutierrez were shown in a milk advertisement. Also, I was reminded by one of their films entitled Kambal Tuko. Apparetly, those were the Mojacko days.

In case you do not know Mojacko, Mojacko is an animated Japanese series shown some time ago at GMA-7. Mojacko looks like a furry ball with a pair of hands and a pair of feet as well. When my nephews were a little younger, they looked like two Mojacko’s. Now, they look like Shaolin kids. I can even imagine them in a Shaolin get-up. However, I can’t imagine them doing the ala Shaolin moves. I can think of them doing a Spider-man act or doing a Mr. Incredible act since both Spider-man and The Incredibles are their favorite movies of all time as of this moment.

Let’s just see if my brother will be taking them to the casting.

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