The Violator Copy Experience

We watched a series of short films by Marcus Adoro (Markus Highway front man and Eraserheads’ lead guitarist) at Robinson’s Galleria’s Indie Sine. We were actually surprised to see Marcus Adoro there. The first film is “The Artist is In”. It does not have much dialogues (which only happened during the last few seconds of the film). The gestures of Darryl Shy made me understood that he was having writer’s block. 🙂

The next set of videos were the KamonKamon videos, some intermission videos (YouTube videos) that were probably recorded via a screen recorder, surfing videos and Pop-u-mentary. Pop-u-mentary will be included in the much awaited boxed set. 🙂 So, if you haven’t watched Violator Copy yet, you still have time to watch it. It will be shown until the 10th of February.

After the film, we had a few drinks with Marcus and other Circus listers. We then went to Cubao X and rode in Marcus’ combi. 😀 It was my first time to ride in a combi. As Arvin said, it has also reminded me of Scooby Doo. 😀

A big thanks to Marcus Adoro for the ride and for the wine and GSM Blue. 😀

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