The USB Fan is Cool But…

The USB Fan is cool. It can twist and therefore entertain you. The fan blades are not the type that could injure you. Thus, it’s safe even when there’s children around. And of course, it is USB powered (duh!). At a time like this, who would be needing a USB fan? It’s freakin’ cold! I could have used it in the office. However, with a room temperature of 21 degrees (Celsius) temperature inside, the USB fan would make my hands a lot more numb which may cause me to be unproductive.

As the leader of the corporate slaves that demand for a higher room temperature, I think that the USB warmer mouse is way cooler. šŸ˜€ But I guess I have to be ambidextrous so that there will be an even distribution of heat. If you do not think that using a USB warmer mouse is such a good idea, the USB powered gloves should do the trick.

Caffeine junkies would certainly go for the USB Powered Beverage Heater. With a 21 degrees of room temperature, you do not have to worry about drinking an iced coffee which was originally hot. šŸ˜€

However, you would not want to get caught in work with a USB-powered electric blanket on you. With this in mind, a Japanese USB Heating Seat Pad should be your next best alternative.

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