The Unlikely Combination

Yoda and Superman

These are the toys of my nephews Justin and Lance. They have always liked Yoda and Superman. Yoda has always been their favorite Star Wars character while Superman is their favorite caped-flying superhero. They have always referred to Yoda as “cute”. Superman became their favorite after being hooked into watching the animated series of The Justice League. However, before Superman, Spiderman and Batman were their favorites. They have always mimicked Spiderman’s web-shooting action. And even their imitation of the scene where Spiderman stops the train. Of course, their version is located in a grocery where the shopping cart is the train and both or either one of them is Spiderman. Now, they want to become a yoyo superhero just like their father after seeing him doing some tricks of Walking the Dog and Around the World. On the contrary, the string of the yoyo is too long for them. Hehe!

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