The Tech Savvy Guitarist

For the tech savvy guitarist, he/she must have an digital guitar tuner. Before a gig, you would not want to get caught playing a different tune from the rest. It could be a Korg, or it could be a cheap guitar tuner that you could buy from the nearest store. I got mine for less than a thousand bucks. For Palm users, there are software available on the internet where it has chord charts and scales so that you would not have to bring your good old trusty Jingle song hits. And in the absence of a multi-track recorder, you could get yourself a mini disc recorder so that you could record your guitar licks. I’d recommend Sony PC Compatible Portable HIMD/MP3 Recorder (which includes a stereo microphone). With the aforementioned gadget, you could share your compositions online since you could transfer your recordings to a PC via a USB connection. And for the guitar effects you could either get a multi-effects (Zoom, DigiTech or Boss) that is programmable or you could get a Chorus, Metal, Overdrive, Phaser, Reverb or whatever-you-need. I’ve also found a DIY stompbox site where they sell their specially made stompboxes and have provided some handy DIY tech notes. The tech notes should be a breeze for people who loves tinkering with electronics stuff.

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