The Simpsons

The Simpsons is one of my favorite cartoon series. Some time ago when it was shown at RPN-9, I religiously followed it. And when it was also shown at Star World (shown after The Wonder Years), I also followed the show. The Simpsons never fails to cheer me up. And now, because of DVD technology, I can now watch again the said animated series without all those commercial breaks and not missing an episode unlike before.

I was able to watch the first three episodes which provided me some trivia on the origins of this and that. If you know Santa’s Little Helper, which is quite a long name for a dog, made his first appearance on the first episode. They acquired Santa’s Little Helper when they went home after the canine racing where he lost. And to think that they didn’t understand the odds of 99-1 for Santa’s Little Helper which I guess really mean the other way around. Also, in the first episode, the sisters of Marge (Patty and Selma) were introduced and of course, Ned and Todd Flanders (their rich neighbor which made the house of The Simpsons look like a beer house (since most beer houses that I saw have Christmas lights all-year-round) and their display would really reflect on how rich they are.

In the second episode, nothing much happened. It’s the episode where he swaps the IQ test with Martin Prince (the class genius and the ultimate teacher’s pet and the number one class choo-choo) and as for his karma, he was tricked by his classmates at the school of gifted kids so that they would get his lunch and he ended up confessing the truth.

In the third episode, Mr. Burns and Smithers are introduced. This is the episode when Homer Simpson got fired because of causing another accident in the plant. He was about to kill himself by tying his body to a huge rock and drown himself in the water when his family dissuaded him from doing so. After that, he became a safety activist. Then, Springfield became the ultimate signs-for-your-safety town. After that, Homer went to the Nuclear Plant which Mr. Burns owns. He was able to got back at his job.

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