The Rebirth of the Milkshake

Way back in college we would normally discuss something with regards to the fastfood chain giant that that has served billions worldwide. Be it about Grimace who became a popular topic in the PinoyExchange boards simply because there’s no specific food in McDonald’s associated with him. And we came up with some really weird theories about Grimace. The endless discussion about Grimace then led to the death of the Milkshake that was being served at McDonald’s. While I was walking past at McDonald’s Glorietta in Makati, I couldn’t believe what I saw on the menu. Hence, the rebirth of the milkshake. It’s like my taste buds has been resurrected for the want of sweets and to be more specific, the vanilla milkshake. Why do the milkshakes have to be revived in my time of self-mutilation of my previous bad diet habits? I guess I just have to control it. Anyway, I’m glad that my thesismate way back in college enjoyed it. I brought him the news about the greatest comeback of the comeback. And he brought me the news that it’s available at selected brances only. The other one is in SM Mega Mall and I’m not so sure about the other.

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