The Possessed Keyboard

Last night, while I was logging in to my wordpress PTB account, it says that I typed the wrong password. And that rarely happens. Then, I tried typing in notepad and voila, my keyboard was in a possessed state. It was such a shitty feeling that I have to make myself adapt with the capslock not turned on where it is typing in all caps. Then, as I was about to end the statement, I was in a state of shock that it types the greater than symbol. That was so weird and I find it very irritating especially that I would want to accomplish the article on that night.

So what did I do? What I did was is to uninstall the driver for the keyboard and made a reboot afterwards. Then, it installed the keyboard after startup and made a reboot again. At least I am free from the headaches and as well the creepy feeling that some unseen element has been pressing it.

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