The NCAA Final Four

I’m not going to talk about basketball here. But just this afternoon when I went to Starbucks Taft, I saw a large crowd approaching the Vito Cruz and Taft Avenue intersection. It’s as if there is some kind of People Power Rally except for the fact that yellow confetti are not to be found scattered around the area and also the fact that the people are not wearing the traditional yellow shirts. Most of them were in their red or white shirts, be it plain or printed.
Before, Starbucks Taft was not that busy, where the baristas could relax a bit or even have the time to entertain us (e.g. sing and dance) even if the performance is not intended for the customers themselves but as a form of their relaxation. It’s the first time that I saw Starbucks Taft with so many people inside, ordering for a frapuccino or any kind of pastry. Even one of the baristas that I know there was like in a panic mode such that she forgot my name (read: mental block). Before she could even asked my name, I just smiled, understood their situation and blurted out my name.

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