The Most Hectic Day (Sept 4)

I had an exam at Webworks OS. I arrived at Eastwood earlier than expected but I was not able to find the office right away. Instead, I just waited for a phone call from the HR of Webworks at Gloria Jeans. I started the exam around 11:30pm. I finished at 1pm.

Travel Time
Then, I took the cab from Eastwood to Shangri La, took the MRT until Ayala. Waited for the Bicutan bus under the presence of humid air. I did not even care about lunch time. After going down the bus, I walked until I reached the tricycle station then got in a tricycle. I arrived home around 2:20pm.

Break Time
I took my lunch within 10 minutes and checked first my e-mail if I have received anything new from Jobstreet or JobsDB. Then I printed my resume and freshened up myself to prepare for the interview. I went out of the house and went on to Kraft for the interview.

Say Cheese
I had an interview at Kraft. They will call me up to let me know if I am included in the pre-selection. The interview was longer than an hour. By 6pm, I was out of the Kraft compound.

Travel Time 2
I took the jeep from Kraft to the Sucat Interchange. Then, walked towards the overpass and went to the other side. Then, I waited for the Pasay jeep to be filled with passengers. Afterwards, the driver started the engine and off we go. There was traffic in the service road (which happens most of the time). Upon arriving at Pasay Rotonda, I took the LRT and went down at the Vito Cruz station, crossed the street and walked my way to Starbucks Taft.

Starbucks Time
I hanged out with my friend at Starbucks while waiting for our other friends.

Travel Time 3
Traveled by car from Taft to Quezon City Sports Complex. I just learned that the place that I have mentioned is just a few meters away from BigSkyMind. Hehe.

Party Time
Eat. Sit. Drink. Go home.

And the list goes on…


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